Mr. Prabesh Raj Joshi
Mentoring and Coaching
Dialogues Practitioner

Mr. Prabesh Raj Joshi, a young professional personality with an experience of 13 years in social sector. He has done his graduation in master in conflict, peace and development studies from Tribhuvan University. In 13 years of collecting experience from various social background, he has added skills of facilitation, motivation coaching and mentoring to young people in his qualification basket. 


He writes articles, blogs and has also contributes in peace research, “SDG 16: Initiatives of Nepal” published in 2021 and co-author of “community peace: handbook” published in 2020. He is working in peacebuilding and dialogue initiatives in Nepal by leading the concept of Nepal Dialogues Initiative from several years. He is promoting and practicing the cultural of peace, and dialogues with interacting intellectual peoples from multi-ethnic community in contemporary issues. He himself is recognized as an empathetic soul and calm personality. Peace practitioner Mr. Joshi loves to deal with people and keep keen interesting in rural travelling to explorer the society and cultures. 


You can find him in different social media to know more about him.

Peace is within you.